Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Signs of Crazy

I told you the yard sign issue would continue, and so it has.

So's the signs have now quadrupled in the neighborhood with no sign of rebuke from our useless homeowner's ass. In addition to the presidential declarations, a new one cropped up yesterday on our Proposition 2, which is a proposal to ban gay marriage with a Florida Constitutional amendment.

The sign explains the amendment by saying, "1 man+1 woman=legal marriage" Protect marriage or some such thing that I really didn't feel like explaining to my 8 year-old when he asked what that sign meant.

So, dutifully, instead of putting up my own sign that reads, "I live in a neighborhood of idiots," I wrote my homeowner's ass. with a repeat complaint, including the gay-bashing sign for all to read and to explain to their children coming off the bus stop in a neighborhood that doesn't allow signs, even when it is a resident's business owned truck that has his landscaping company's name printed on the side that he now must cover up with a black magnet every night when he comes home from work because the Kravitz' complained it was against HOA policy, yet they play games with the rules they apply to others but not themselves by keeping their political declarations posted in the garage. I was more succinct and brief in my complaint to the management company, as was their response.

"It is a difficult situation."

We pay them tens of thousands of dollars for that kind of sage response.

Actually, it isn't difficult at all. If it is against the rules, then make them take the signs down. Period. Across the board. If they don't, fine 'em. Just as they would have no problem doing for a dirty roof or sidewalk. I seriously have no patience for this.

Sean doesn't either, and after a very colorful response to their response to the tool at the management company, he went to the Board Meeting which just happened to be last night. They were surprised to see him, because no resident has ever attended. After a brief presentation of his point, they agreed that perhaps a phone call and letters were warranted. Wow. They are so bold.

We shall see if this accomplishes anything but labeling our house as the crazy people who are about to get "McCain-Palin" bleached into their front lawn. But my point from the beginning has been if you're going to allow them, that's fine. Just give me equal time. I will paint a mural on the side of my house and erect political topiary from my azaleas.



JODI said...

...and in the mean time, said neighbor should remove black magnet that covers up his company truck. Fair is fair.

Mama Ginger Tree said...

Way to stick it to 'em Diva family! I bet Mr. Diva scared them with his well thought out presentation.

Maybe you should post some security guards outside your house for a while. That's what they do on TV.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree that the rules are the rules and should be enforced equally whether your signs lean to the blue or the red. And rather than having the neighbor cover the sign on his truck, I would instead recommend one of those big exterminator's tents to go over Mrs. Kravitz's house.