Wednesday, October 01, 2008

No, It wasn't "Road Rules"

Today is the day that a certain major television show is airing the episode they contacted me about a few weeks back.

It is bittersweet--sort of--because I really wasn't at all suited for this particular topic--thank God--but it sure would have been nice to sit--or jump--on that couch.

I shall wait patiently for the casting call for "Uber Cool Mom Bloggers with a Penchant for Hockey and Pomegrante Martinis.

You have the number...


Anonymous said...

I know of what you speak.

Must talk in code for fear of being blackballed from the next one they are working on. And yes, they are working on one.

HAve no fear. Your name is in the ring.

JODI said...

I will be over for the martini when I am finished with marching band competitions. ;-)

Amy said...

I saw the show you speak of - be glad that you were ill suited for this topic. It's one that I would never have wanted to qualify for. I'll be looking for you the next time!