Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sign, sign everywhere a sign

I'm posing a question here, because I really do want to know what you all think about this issue, because I am highly intrigued about this...

The question is on political yard signs. You know the flimsy little stakes bearing the candidate's name planted in people's front lawns as a public announcement of who they are voting for?

Yeah, those.

Now we're not allowed to have them in our neighborhood--it is strictly against the homeowner's association rules. It's always been like that from long before we moved in 8 years and applies to all signs except real estate. I've never seen anyone not abide by those rules (except for a local election a few years ago when a resident was actually a candidate for the city commission) until Mrs. Kravitz put one in her yard a couple of weeks ago.

People complained. A letter was sent.(This is exacerbated by the fact that she is literally behind every single complaint in the entire neighborhood.) She took it down, but then moved it 10 feet to the inside edge of her garage facing out toward the street and now leaves her garage door open so you cannot miss it each and every time you pull into the neighborhood.

My question is this: are these signs at all effective? Do they sway undecided voters? Do they reinforce your vote if it's your guy, or make you mad if it isn't? Does it make you look at the person differently, good or bad? Do most people use them to show support of one guy, or to protest the other? Do the amount of signs from either camp forecast voting trends?

I've read some editorials in the paper recently where opposing parties have destroyed said signs, and again, does this really do anything besides ignite anger and reinforce the owner's ire over the opposition? Methinks this is not an effective form of protest from either side.

I stopped by my local campaign field office and they were out of them. I obviously am not allowed to put one up, but I thought maybe I'd find another locale or depending on how much moxybitchy I was feeling, stick it in my garage. But I don't know--I'm really wondering about this. Do you put have one in your yard?



Anonymous said...

The only thing it sways me to do is avoid her more.

She couldn't even find Alaska on a map.


Her angry neighbor she has reported twice!

Mama Ginger Tree said...

I don't think they sway anyone's vote one way or the other. To me it's just "hey look who I'm voting for." A show of support.

My mother has one in her yard. I don't think we would ever put one in our yard.

JODI said...

I find them helpful for local elections...it sparks my interest in finding out about a local candidate the national ones are so in your face.

I think your neighborhood should rally together and the Kravitz' yard with political signs in the night. What a hoot would that be. Then call and complain about her. LOL (I am so evil)

Tracey said...

Thanks guys--I agree. If I were to put one up it would be in support, but knowing Mrs. Kravitz I think in her case it is to show what she's against.

I think you're right about the local candidates--it's usually the only way local guys can get their name out there so it's way more effective.

I'm sure there will be more to this story...stay tuned.

jojo said...

put it up in your window. they can't control what you do in the inside of your house. :)

Anonymous said...

Um, if you vote in Republicans, they can.

The Yard Sign Hating Association said...

I hate those signs. Just visual litter if you ask me. And ya did.

All they do is show everyone who YOU are voting for. Does nothing to pursuade voters. Well, not unless they are idiots and can be swayed by a flimsy yard sign!

Musings of a Housewife said...

I don't get it either. I don't like to advertise who we are voting for. But I'm always morbidly interested in who others are voting for, lol.