Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Okay, I don't have a whole lot of time for reflections on the non-stop week that makes Halloween--I will shortly after another birthday party, 2 hockey games, Trick or Treating and a sleepover--but I wanted to throw out a couple of Halloween photos to get in the spirit. (Get it?)

Anyway, I am also hiring Stevie as the new family photographer because the boy has a gift.

Tomorrow I shall post pictures of my werewolf pumpkin and mummy dogs we are having for dinner. I am nothing if not maternally macabre.

Jessie was bobbing for Snickers...

1 comment:

VB said...

Amy looks so cute with the blue hair! Did you end up doing the makeup? I am eagerly awaiting the pics of everybody!
How did Jess enjoy trick-or-treat? My 19 mo. old son has discriminating taste in candy... he prefers "shiny" wrappers over plain ones. Many times he upgraded a plain wrapped candy for a more metalic wrapper, for example a plain red KitKat got traded for a silver Three Musketeers at more than one door.
I am considering wrapping his Christmas gifts in Reynolds Wrap.