Thursday, October 23, 2008

Happy Birthday, A!

Happy Birthday, A-Dog!

I seriously cannot believe that child is 5 today. She's sick as an A-Dog as well, but we'll try to salvage the day.

This also marks one year since her last surgery, and I'm more amazed by her progress in that year than anything I've ever seen.

Her first 4 years of life were not easy ones. Everything has had to be translated for her or someone translating on her behalf, and to watch that hearbreak is immeasurable. In the span of this year, she's gone from being virtually unable to hear and speak, to sitting at a table of other preschoolers laughing and playing like a 5 year-old should. As crazy as Sunday's party was, every second was worth it for this:

The most normal thing in the entire world is also the most extraordinary.

Happy Birthday, my beautiful little girl. You are so loved.

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Mama Ginger Tree said...

Hooray!! Happy Birthday A-Dog!! You both deserve a fantastic day filled with cake. Good for her!!!