Sunday, October 12, 2008

Huggies Weekend Wrap-Up

I am now back behind the computer in a dark room with “Yo Gabba Gabba” serenading me in the background rather than the exotic locations of the last 3 days. Bummer, ‘cause I was kind of getting used to being the “celebrity blogger.”

And now I will attempt to blog about blogging, which hurts my head a little, but I will blog on.

Basically, I was a part of this Generation Huggies promotion honoring Huggies 30th Anniversary. This mobile Huggies unit is going around the country registering Moms to win $30,000 (that’s dollars, not diapers) and film these 60 second interviews with real Moms about Mom stuff. I was able to talk to these amazing women and blog, text, video, and email photos to this really cool site It was so unique. (And as an aside, you can still do all of this online at

The first night was in Celebration at an Oktoberfest. The girls and some brave friends accompanied me there. It was really fun night.

On Saturday, the crowd was smaller because we were in a different location, but we still got some good stuff. I got to talk with the crew that was traveling from city to city, and they were amazed at the diverse responses from all of the Moms (and some Dads!) they had interviewed so far.

Sunday we spent at the Winter Park Art Festival, which was bustling with thousands of families! We had no trouble finding lots of Moms who wanted to share their stories and answer my questions and pose for photos.

On the long ride home (which may be the most collective hours I’ve spent alone in 4 years) I listened to a lot of eighties music and thought about what this whirlwind weekend was all about.

*corny maternal reflection alert*

Watching the creation of this mosaic of motherhood was pretty fabulous, and while it is amazing how different motherhood looks on different people, it is more amazing still how universal it is.

And, just so you don’t think I’ve totally become a Hallmark card:

From the Generation Huggies Event in Orlando--The End.

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