Wednesday, October 22, 2008



Because you want to know how ineffective I really am...well, one sign has come down--the offensive Prop 2 offender. Shockingly, when they approached the resident to let him know it was against the rules, he promptly removed it without question. Completely reasonable, as I think most people are. I think that that is the case with the majority of the signs, most people probably aren't aware of the rule and simply wondered why their neighbors were such apolitical potatoes. So I expect that others will follow suit, or we'll have flaming bags of dog crap left at our doorstep.

So I can be done now--or drive through my neighborhood with my eyes shut for the next 13 days.


Onward. There's a lot of anger brewing and bubbling out there, do you feel it? Frankly, I'm sick of it. Time for a collective mood upswing.

Here's something that has made me happy over the last few weeks: my novel. A switch has flipped, and I know have gone from working sporadically on it when everything else gets done (which was hardly ever) to putting it my first writing project of the day. And it shows. I now have a story with characters that are fleshed-out and unique. I now think things like, "But Mia would never say that," or "Has Danielle ever been to Europe?" This is a departure from the way I write in my "real" work, so it is very gratifying to be at that place and see a concrete book rather than just a nebulous idea that may or may not ever get on paper. Now I need to start thinking of a title...

I had a nice lunch today with the posse for the October birthdays, and that is always a good spirit builder. It's good to have good friends, and we've got some fun events over the next few weeks that I'm looking forward to.

But tonight, it's sausage and peppers and some oven-roasted potatoes while we watch Game 1 of the World Series.

Things are looking up already.

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