Monday, June 01, 2009

Psst...June. Over here...

Why hello, June, I've been waiting all year for you. Because you seem like a really fun month.

For instance, in two short days school will be out and we can sleep a little longer on your mornings. We started a garden this weekend (more on that awesome project later) and I look forward to spending much of the month playing in the dirt with my kids. June also marks the return of "Thirsty Thursdays," that wonderful day of fun with friends. And let us not forget that we are all off to Palm Island for a break on the beach--a trip we all look forward to as a major highlight of the year.

And even working June seems to be pleasant. I have a few projects on the horizon that I am really looking forward to diving into.

And so welcome, sixth month, birthstone pearl, flower rose. Home of Flag Day, Father's Day, the Stanley Cup Finals, and summer equinox. I'm so glad you are here--make yourself comfortable and I'll go fetch you a cold glass of lemonade.

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mammakaze said...

I, too, was excited about June. Until I looked at the calendar and counted a total of 74 days that I have to entertain a 7 year old! Then the panic set in. When was I going to work? Have time to myself? Just when I came up with the PERFECT PLAN...that was shattered by the news blurb on the radio this morning that quoted studies confirming that too much TV and computer can make kids 1) immune to violence 2) tend towards obesity and 3) sexually promiscuous at a younger age. And since I don't want to turn my first grader into a tarty, switchblade slinging biker with diabetes...I guess I better go to Michael's and stock up on the dollar crafts. Sigh.