Saturday, June 13, 2009

Hand, foot and mouth without the hand and foot

We've been sidelined a bit this weekend by one of those horrific preschool diseases that manifests itself in the form of raging high fevers and gaping open sores inside a five year-old's mouth. The doctor said it's one of her "least favorite toddler viruses."


No shiz.

But seriously, doc, you only have to peer into her poor mouth for 4 seconds and declare "It's virus," never even having to write a prescription nor listen to the sweet little cherub say she can't eat because she "has a fever in my mouth." But thanks for the helpful tip that it could last for a week and she probably can't eat but make sure she drinks to remain hydrated, but yet there is nothing modern medicine has come up with by 2009 to help ease her discomfort.

So this Saturday we'll be hunting down blue ice pops and chocolate yogurt. (That's pudding to you and me.)


Kristyn said...

Sebastien had mouth and foot two days after starting preschool when he was 3 1/2. Not fun...I hope she gets feeling better soon :)

mammakaze said...

OMG! My daughter Julia got that wicked stuff like two days after we moved into our new house. Swallowing was so painful, she SCREAMED every time! The doc prescribed tylenol with coedine. My husband had to find an all night pharmacy, which lemme tell ya, was no small task in our new suburbia outside of L.A. proper where we knew nothing and no one! He was gone for an hour and a half. And when you have a very sick little one - that's an eternity! Turns out he took the long way. And come to find out there's a direct route from our house that only takes 15 minutes. Of course, now that we KNOW that, she hasn't needed an all night pharmacy since. Go figure