Friday, June 19, 2009

Day 2 in paradise

This lunch break is brought to you by the Gulf of Mexico: The happiest place on earth sans mechanical dolls.

Today's treasure was a manatee sighting within about 20 feet where we were swimming. This guy's belly must have been rubbing against the bottom because we were in pretty shallow water. I'm going to return to the same spot after lunch with my pockets stuffed full of romaine and see if he won't come back to play.

I'm attempting sand castle construction, but so far every structure I've built has been hit by Hurricane Jessie who likes to climb to the top of Mt. Mommy's sand castle and slide down.

In between all of the beach play, I've been writing a bit because I find this place inspires me. And apparently Matty too because after a year and half of writing this novel without a title, Matty came up with it floating in the surf.

Not a bad day.

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