Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Lessons learned this Tuesday

1.) Watermelons don't keep well in tropical climates. Refrigerate upon arrival.

2.) Do not use glass coffee tables as extra seating.

3.) Sean's feet need to be insured by Lloyd's of London or something. He broke the other one body-surfing yesterday.

4.) The island gets really, really quiet when the 21 other families leave.

5.) Next year, pack a lot less clothes and a lot more water.

And later this afternoon I'm going to learn how to fly a kite with A-Dog.


JODI said...

You need to increase Sean's calcium.

Dude, who can break both feet in the same quarter?

Anonymous said...

As much as I feel bad for Sean, I am relieved that lessons 2 and 3 were not related! Maybe your readers should take up a collection to get that fellow of yours some protective footwear...

Anonymous said...

it's not broken just really swollen and purle, and green and black and blue

Tracey said...

I think he needs steel toed sandals since both foot injuries occurred during beach-related fun.

Anonymous said...

spoke too soon, broken it is