Thursday, June 25, 2009

I'm going with "priceless"

Ah, home.

Thanks to the rain yesterday, my skin stalled at reptilian and not full-blown Paleozoic. Yes, we are all sun and salt-drenched, wave-battered (some more than others) and exhausted--just like a good vacation should leave you.

Re acclimation to mainland life will be difficult, painful and slow. Sean's foot is indeed broken. And the ligament is also torn, just for good measure. Apparently, sand is his Achilles heel. (Get it? He broke the other foot in sand volleyball 2 months ago...) No more beaches for him until we get him fitted for prosthetic flip flops. Other losses of the week include the custom Father's Day tennis tournament trophy (stolen by a couple of drunken golf cart drivers who must have mistaken it for something valuable), my MacBook, (a bottle of blue Gatorade is my Achilles heel) and the last chapter and a half of my novel. I write that with the casual optimism of a woman going to the Apple store tomorrow with hopes of full recovery at minimal charge, but rest assured a piece of me died in that rented condo yesterday when blue liquid dripped from my keyboard.

Anyway, back to happy vacation memories. Here's some photos:

Jessie likes eating the beach.

A-Dog and Beer Beard the pirates at Shark's Tooth beach.

The boys jet-skiing.

Group photo and future family Christmas card.

When the sun goes down on the Gulf of Mexico, when the day cools down and the jasmine breezes blow. A Palm Island moon will rise, on a night in paradise, when the sun goes down on the Gulf of Mexico...

~Red Beard the pirate

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