Monday, June 29, 2009

Get out the atlas, Lucy

We are in the midst of planning our next summer adventure.

Yes, wanderlust strikes often around here, and last night we agreed on the plan: a two-week R.V. trip around the midwest and northeast.

We're still in the dreamy initial planning stages--me picturing our little brood eating from farm stands down sleepy little back roads after singing campfire songs and catching fireflies; and Sean, willing to drive 31' of trailer down the interstates at $2.90 a gallon just so he can hit all of the fireworks stands and avoid every Cracker Barrel.

Sounds like a perfect vacation for everyone, doesn't it?


Mammakaze said...

I did that once. Well, without the kids and the RV. The cost of gas and being in a a travelling studio apartment with kids screaming "ARE WE THERE YET?" might almost put me off it. But know what? I think it would be fun. You get to see the coolest/strangest things on the road like...the two-headed calf and five-legged cow in Kansas. Also, in Green River Utah, there was a toenail on my toast. Then there was the parachuting convention in Iowa which meant there was not a motel in sight. But then, you don't have to worry about that. Plus I hear if you park your RV at Walmart overnight, they'll bring you hot coffee in the morning. Have fun! You'll have LOADS of cool stories to tell.

JODI said...

From the gal with the family who usually travels by way of are going to have the best time!

There is nothing like a camper style vacation to bond the family.

Anonymous said...

Be sure that YOU can drive the RV considering your hubby's tendency toward foot injuries!