Sunday, June 07, 2009

We need more Cascade

I'm ignoring the kitchen for a little while longer with coffee and the paper on the lanai.

It's an amazing mess in there--a load of clean dishes awaits to be unloaded, and every other plate, pan, cup, glass and pickle fork is piled--or stuck with a layer of apricot preserves--on the counter.

I suppose after watching one too many episodes of Top Chef, last night I prepared a 5 course tasting menu to go with our wine tasting event. Thinking this was not too ambitious a task for 13 guests, I prepared gnocchi with a lemon cream sauce, lamb chops with a mustard rosemary glaze, orzo with roasted vegetables, salt-encrusted beef tenderloin with a butter lettuce pesto, a delightful cheese course, and a white chocolate cheesecake topped with sliced strawberries.

It was delish if I do say so myself.

And a nice ending to this culinary decadence era as we lighten up a bit for summer. I can feel the gout settling into my toes as we speak. The kids got me a bike for Mother's Day that was thoughtfully delivered on Friday, so if the rain holds out we may take a debut ride.

If it does rain, then I guess the Olympic caliber kitchen cleaning will have to suffice as exercise today.


Anonymous said...

Will wash your dishes for leftovers!

JODI said...

will up that annie by not only offering to wash dishes but will scrub the floor too.