Friday, May 29, 2009

Since it's Moo, is it the bovine flu?

See? I made one too many swine flu jokes and tonight I sit here with my little piglet behind me with a temp of 102.7 and the lethargy of an 87 year-old.

While of course it is not an official diagnosis of the swine flu, it is a crazy strain causing concern from the health department. It starts with body aches and high fevers and could last for 5 days. It's an odd symptom for a nine year-old if you ask me, and I can't remember ever seeing him this sick.

So we're watching, resting and fluid-ing, and trying to keep that fever under control. A good weekend to spend doing those things since we uncharacteristically have not much going on. Our big plans include making our new vegetable garden (yay!) and me moving out of my PC and into my new MacBook Pro. (Double-yay!) At this rate my next post will be from my Seattle lavender farm making homemade soap.

But tonight Matty fell asleep holding my hand so that's worth staying in town for.

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