Thursday, July 02, 2009

It seems like just yesterday I was doing his laundry. Oh wait, it was.

Just about one year ago, we welcomed a new arrival into our house.

A healthy baby 22 year-old Intern. We called him Danny.

Proving again that they really do grow up so fast, our little Danny is about to fly (again) on his own.

Officially, he had possession of his new apartment yesterday, but I haven't seen any actual possessions leave here to land at that new address, but we gave him a little farewell dinner last night anyway. He reminded us that he only lives 4 minutes away and he'll be here all of the time, so I'm not sure if he's really moving out or just bought a rather pricey place to watch something other than Spongebob.

But regardless, we're going to miss that boy.

Even the loud parts.


Kathy said...

Don't let him leave anything behind. He will never come back for it.

The Intern said...

ITs a townhouse not an apartment...

Anonymous said...

Hey Tracy, so how is baby Danny doing? Is he coming back for dinner and laundry yet?

Kathie & Tim

theunclewhatisgoingbrokerightbutfast said...

Coming back home?!? He hasn't left yet!!

Call it an apartment, a shack, a town home, a cottage, a refrigerator box . . . or whatever, but please call it occupied soon!

It would be easier and cheaper to get rid of a tape worm than The Intern.

JODI said...

I think I like it when Danny had a more mysterious persona--The Intern.

Bachelor+4 minutes away+hunger=coming back at least 4 nights a week for dinner.