Thursday, May 07, 2009

I'm blaming it on the vodka sauce

I'm still fighting through a post-Cabernet haze, but there are so many wonderful announcements, that I am going to persevere.

First off, our friends at Hallmark are giving Sarah H. and Jeanellen V. some awesome greeting card gift packs for Mother's Day, Father's Day and everyday. Thanks to them, and to all who entered.

Secondly, the reason I had so much Cabernet was because last night's Suburban Diva Pizza Party at Vincenzo's was so delicious, I just couldn't help but linger over the food and company. The winning selections (which will be featured on next week's menu as the pizza specials) were a chicken Picatta pizza (yum) and a vodka sauce, prosciutto, arugula. But seriously, we tried so many delicious entries--it was a tough call. Here's a picture before the 4th bottle of wine.

We had so. Much. Fun. We had door prizes and Twitter fun, too. It was so enjoyable in fact, that perhaps I should start planning a Suburban Diva cocktail or entree contest next. (Hint: it won't be Cabernet...)

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