Friday, May 01, 2009

The Day After Tracey I guess

Day one of the last year in my thirties and the last year I tell the truth about my age...

So here we find ourselves on May 1st wondering how that happened. I know for me, April was pretty crazy, and while I certainly had some experiences I won't soon forget, May is looking pretty sweet. The countdown until the end of school officially begins even though I've been marking my calendar since Christmas.

My birthday was wonderful, thank you all who made that so with your kind wishes. The girls took me out for sangria and red velvet cake for lunch. I think there was other food involved, but who really cares after those two stars? Certainly not me. Dinner was at Vincenzo's which reminds me to invite you locals there for our Suburban Diva tasting on May 6th. Divamail me for details on that. And Sean and the kids got me some fabulous outdoor furniture to rest my old legs, and the Intern selected some wine for me to sit on said furniture and drink. Very, very nice. Matty had his whole class sign a card for me, and then made a wonderfully flowery art project that is very un-9-year old like. He even suggested crepes for dinner and he hates crepes.

So cheers and thank you dear friends.

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Anonymous said...

That Matty.......such an old but loving soul!