Monday, May 04, 2009

A So Unlike Me Weekend

On Laundry Monday, I did...laundry. I was trying to come up with an alternative punchline, but I couldn't.

But before Laundry Monday, there was Go to the Mall Sunday and Make Your Own Crayon Saturday. The latter two activities are so unlike me, that they deserved a whole day name dedicated to the novelty of the occurrence in my house. And pictures because I know you don't believe me.

First, we took all of our broken crayons and mixed the colors in a mini muffin tin after spraying with cooking spray.

Then, we baked them at 275 degrees until they molten mini cupcakes of hot wax.

We placed in the freezer for just a second to harden and to spill on the frozen pancakes, and voila! Weird little discs o' crayon.

They were fun for about 4 seconds before they realized it was awfully difficult to color inside the lines of any other drawing than a large open sky or ocean. An orange-razzmatazz-Burnt Sienna sky.

The mall outing was significantly more fruitful since I spent $700 at Build-A-Bear. And $19 on the greatest T-Shirt ever.

But I did have to brave the haunted house-esque of Hot Topix--the most macabre retail outlet ever created this side of Hell, so the Sonic T-shirt's actual value is similar to the Build-A-Bear bill.

But I got a free birthday gift of lip gloss at Sephora, so it's all good.

P.S. Keep those comments coming on the gifts from Hallmark, and t-2days until Vincenzos. What's on your pizza?


JODI said...

I once ventured into Hot Topic to buy Napoleon Dynamite T-shirts. It scared my hubby so much he stood outside the entrance. But,only after he commented that the sales girl must have been in a hurry that morning by the looks of her make-up. I explained to him that that cover girl application was probably a high maintance application. It takes quite a bit of time and talent to apply a hellish amount of black liner to your eye and lips while dodging all the metal pierced through the face.

God bless the Sonic T-shirt!

ljcully said...

How did your house smell after baking the crayons? Ours still has a faint oder of waxy something, and we made ours months ago!! Love the Sonic T-Shirt!

Tracey said...

The smell was a little spooky at first, but it's gone now. Maybe a little dripped on your element?

Did your kids like the circle crayons or not so much?

Jodi--Ha! I know--even though I was buying the shirt for A-Dog, I made my friend wait outside with her so we wouldn't be subjected to all of the horrors inside. Sort of what I do with the boys at Spencer's gifts.