Saturday, May 02, 2009

It was my birthday, but I'm giving you a gift

You know all of those wonderful cards you all sent me for my birthday revolving around drinking and sparkles? Well, right back atcha!

Hallmark is providing two of you lucky readers with some beautiful greeting card gift packs. These include those wonderful recordable cards for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, and some of their redesigned 99 cent everyday cards.

I have to tell you, I sent my Grandpa a recordable card of the kids for Valentine’s Day, and when we came up to visit he pulled it out from the drawer he keeps by his chair. He loved it and listened to his great-grandchildrens' voices over and over.

So leave a comment here or Divamail me by Wednesday, May 6th, and we’ll have a drawing for the winners just in time to get you hooked up for Mother’s Day.

Ready, set...Comment! (I even included a picture of my birthday cake to inspire you. Jerks.)


JODI said...

What no cupcakes for your birthday!?

Karen said...

82!!?....I know I taught M. how to count better than that!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful cake!! Any left?

Bern said...

I could spend hours in the Hallmark store just reading the cards.

Tracey said...

I've got you all entered if you promise to send me a car if you win...I love these!

And no cupcakes. :(