Monday, May 18, 2009

I'm packing better shoes this time

Someone out there must have seen that baby needs not a new pair of shoes, but rather we need a few days respite from tripping over said shoes. Vegas is back on.

*deep exhale*

I need this. We need this. It's been even more chaotic than usual these last few months and a few days away in a desert might be pretty therpuetic. Besides, these last few days of school very well may have me jump from the Hoover dam. This International Peace Day project at school has some many components that I’m thinking we should withdraw from NATO and adopt an isolationist foreign policy. Seriously. We’ve got something like 10 school days left and unless we take a field trip to a tapas bar, I really don’t have much creative energy left for a tri-fold board on Spain.

Nevada, yes, Spain, no.

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Mammakaze said...

I hear you. As the school year comes to a tsunami-like end, I'm wishing I was some kind of secret military cyborg who could simply recharge by staring at the sun with the solar cells implanted in my pupils. Instead I'm relying on LOTS of Starbucks which helps, except for all the little side trips to locate (as quickly as possible) the nearest restroom.