Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Weekend o' Stevie

If we could have squeezed one more thing in this weekend, Friday would have exploded into Saturday, and those pieces would have been littered all over Sunday. There simply was not an empty moment.

And most of those moments were filled with Stevie.

I don't often gush on about my oldest son--not because he doesn't give me ample opportunity--but because that's just not the way we usually roll. But he had a pretty awesome week, one of those rare occasions when he will later say, "It was pretty great to be 13."

He was elected Student Council President on the same day as the graduation dance in which all things 13 look 30 and their mothers weep like infants in the corner.

On Saturday, the whole family spent an afternoon on the beach swimming, lounging, eating and looking at boats. It's been a while since all six of us were together for a leisurely afternoon.

Sunday was the sports banquet at school, and while I knew he was going to win one individual award, we were both surprised with the two he won. The basketball award was presented with some very touching words from the coach, and I swear it took all I had not to weep again like an infant in the corner.

I wrote on Facebook that it was a pretty great weekend. Stevie wrote back, "It will be hard to top."

I'll make sure he knows that I am just as proud of him every single ordinary day, and always will be.


JODI said...

Diva, pass my note along to Stevie.

Dear Stevie-
I think you should demand the respect at home that your title garners...request that the family refers to you only as--Mr. President.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Stevie on all his accomplishments! Sounds wonderful. You should tell us more, at least on cosmos where my Dad is routinely begging for news of the extended family. Please consider sending something in. You will make not only his day, but possibly his whole month.

Blessings, Holly