Monday, December 22, 2008

Top 10 signs it was a good party

1) When you get all of your ridiculously complicated party food assembled and placed in chafing dishes before the first guests arrive.

2)The weather is the perfect temperature that all of the doors in the house are open to allow the party to spill in and out and back again.

3) Your dog looks like this thoroughout the evening.

4) You have plenty of adult beverages.

5) No one eats this because of what you served above.

6) You have no idea who the people are in this picture.

7) You know these guests very well, and are so glad they came and celebrated this wonderful evening with you.

8) Your wine cellar is stocked to the brim, yet no one left thirsty.

9) No one was arrested, ended up in the pool, or threw up in my bushes.

10) 150 people doesn't seem like too many people to have in your house at once.

We are exhausted, but pleasantly so. This was one of those special evenings in which you are surrounded by so many wonderful friends, you can feel nothing but blessed. (and just a little buzzed.)

Thanks to all--we'll never forget it.


The Glamorous Life said...

So fun. Glad it went well for you!!!! And glad you aren't too hungover to post about it!

Lin said...

Looks like everyone had a good time! It's good to see everyone upright, and no legs sticking out from under tables!