Sunday, December 28, 2008

I'm up

Today I plan on shaking off this post-holiday lethargy. No, seriously. While Sean has been going to the gym and taking the kids on some wild field trip everyday, I've been unable to move from the couch or bed watching the Food Network. It's a little sad. I need to move my limbs and clean something.

If it is even just my limbs.


Kathy T said...

I'm with you girl! After 5 cups of coffee, I jumped up and declared I was organizing our life today! Wish me luck!

JODI said...

I too am with you! I have been in my PJ's all day. My hubby sawed a hole in our bedroom wall while I slept and didn't hear a sound as he sawed.

JODI said...

Oh and watching a Chia Pet sprout exhausts even the least of post holiday weary people