Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Please donate generously

Did anyone happen to catch 60 Minutes on Sunday night? Here's the clip if you didn't. Go ahead watch it. I'll wait.

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Oops, sorry. You're done? I was just choking back some bile that came up after that shirt revelation.

Seriously, it's Andy-Freaking-Rooney for diddlydarnsakes. Give the man 78 cents to get a clean shirt everyday, CBS. Who is this guy's agent? He should be doing some damned laundry.

He's 89 years old on a bus to New Jersey with stale rolls in his pocket in 3 day old shirts.

I feel the need to start a petition or a foundation for aging humorists or something. I mean, seriously, if I am blogging at 90 will someone please please please come over and make sure I'm wearing clean clothes? Not that I wear them at 38, but I'm not on TV every Sunday night either.

If you'd like to donate, I'll accept some Tide or a Bounce sheet on Mr. Rooney's behalf.

Thank you for your support.

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