Thursday, December 11, 2008

Processing your order....

So I haven't been doing a whole lot of personal blogging lately because honestly, all I've been doing is writing, cleaning and partying and how many times can you write the words, "I've had so much filet mignon and red wine in the last 2 weeks that I'm posting in au jus ink?"

Yeah, not more than once.

So that's what's new: crazy. (Actually, there's nothing new there after all.) But this is Sean's last week of work and so there are many bittersweet celebrations and we haven't even got to next Saturday yet. And there's that whole Christmas thing to do do for 4 kids+intern which is a plethora of baking, shopping, wrapping, and preening. But you're doing the same thing right now and are only reading this while your last minute Amazon order processes, I get it.

And now mine is completed as well so I'll catch you later.

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