Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving table

I’m not even going to pretend for one minute that I came up with this craft idea on my own--I shamelessly robbed it from Scribbit whose pinecone turkeys look so much cuter than ours...

After we made these, I was reminded once again of one of my many maternal failures. Our turkeys look like Cabaret dancers. I was going to use them as place card holders on this really elegant table I had pictured in my mind, but now I’m thinking they’re only appropriate if I invited strippers and clowns for Thanksgiving dinner.

But because we have invested so much effort--we collected those pinecones in Georgia this weekend and I went to three different stores for feathers and pipe cleaners--we’re going to use them anyway. It was pretty fun, even for J because no glue was involved.

I will just remember for next year that perhaps I should leave the clever crafts to the pros and stick to what I’m good at...which I suppose would be just coming up with dirty turkey limericks.

Back to the kitchen with me.


Kirsten / Mama Ginger Tree said...

Those are fantastic! At least no one will be able to call your Thanksgiving table drab and boring.

How did you do it without any glue? Just stick the feathers into the pinecone?

The Glamorous Life said...

We make these every year. And the year we ran out of the yellow/orange feathers we had the same result; Vegas showgirl turkeys. This year I broke out the construction paper and we cut 'feathers'....but I love the,. I save one from each year and they line my mantle every Turkeyday. And we include the Vegas Turkeys too!!!

Tracey said...

That's funny. I'm glad the burlesque turkeys make an appearance in other households too.

No glue--just stick in there! (Maybe it's lingering pine sap?)