Monday, November 24, 2008

Sort of here

Although we're home, I don't really feel all here.

Mainly because we're all not.

I think I left A's blanket at the hotel.

Please, don't. I await a phone call saying they've found it amongst the discarded blankets of the little double bed Frick, Frack, Freak and I shared every night. They have my credit card number to FedEx it as soon as it is found--which will be a miracle in itself if the description of "a child's pink blanket" can reasonably apply to the thing that A-Dog carries around everywhere. Hopefully, Housekeeping has not mistaken it for a spool of dirty yarn from a seconds store. Or a bag lady's knitting basket. Or Barney's lower intestine and colon. Or what a muppet threw up after a night of binge drinking.

Oh, I'm in trouble.


The Glamorous Life said...

No WAY. I was in Atlanta this weekend too. On a blog meet.

Would have loved to been able to help you eat those ooco pebbles. Ya know, cuz I care about grandparents and all.


Tracey said...

Dang--that would have been awesome!

Did you see her blanket while you were there? ;)

Anonymous said...

We left Ryno's blanket in Orlando once. About a week, one LONG week, later it arrived at our front door. Don't give up!!

JODI said...

Blanket update, is it home yet?