Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Just hoping it ends soon

Like many of you, I've been looking forward to this day for a very looooong time. I feel like I'm well-informed, confidant in my choice, and somewhat excited to have been active in this election.

But last night I got a wake-up call to the ugly side of this process, that has me nauseated today rather than excited.

I am used to political disagreements. In fact, I honor that as part of the democratic process. We should always have an open forum for disagreements and different points of view. That part is healthy. But last night and continuing today, I find that open mindedness is really not widely practiced around my particular neighborhood. There are some that not only thing I'm wrong (which is their right) but told my child that I'm doing something criminal and morally unforgiveable because I'm voting for the Democratic candidate for President.

It is absolutely the lowest form of voter intimidation I've personally ever experienced, and all the wind has been taken out of my sails as I struggle to maintain my composure after having my child be subject to bullying because of who his mother is voting for. My heart is breaking right now knowing that I live in a place of such reckless intolerance--to me, but moreover, to children. I am an adult, I can handle differing opinions and even respect them, but it's hard today knowing I can't trust people in my community to do the same.

My wonderfully smart, gifted potically sensitive boy said he was going to vote for Mickey Mouse in his school mock election so he didn't get in trouble.

I have never heard anything so horribly sad in my entire life.


The Glamorous Voting Life said...

That is horrible.
Do you know who said it? Can you contact the parents. I am so sad that this happened. You have to do something.

I voted Obama. But my youngest informed me he is voting for McCain (at school) to cancel out my vote. Niiiiiiccceeee kid. Break your mother's heart.

Anonymous said...

You should tell your son that, tomorrow, when he sees the person, he should just yell:


Anonymous said...

I may not agree with your choice in candidates,but I am just sick that someone would say that to your son. Please tell him that he should not be discouraged by the ignorant people like that in the world and not to be afraid to voice his opinion. If he is afraid to speak up or vote, then all of this election process has been for nothing. Democrat or Republican, we are working for our country and his future.

Tracey said...

it was a teacher.

I can't really describe how horrible I feel about this. He and I are going to vote together shortly because he needs to see that no one can take that unique pride you feel with the act of voting away--no matter which lever you pull.

JODI said...

You know Tracey, I have to say the blame for this poor unexcusable behavior has to be shared...by the child's parents, because parents are a child's first teacher and the candidates. I say the candidates b/c all the hateful mudslinging commercials and interviews they endorse, that are aired day in and day out for months--it teaches nothing but hate and distain for those who have feelings and views opposite.

At times I am almost embarrassed to say I am an American. Democrat or Republican.

Lori said...

I'm with "SCOREBOARD!" I trust that your kids have the resolve. They're of you and Sean, after all. And I've seen both of you in action, thankfully from your side!!!!!!

Carl said...

It would be bad enough for this to have been another child. For a teacher to say such is completely inexcusable. This is someone who would be better off working at the DMV, where their sinister tendencies would be normal.