Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Shopping for days at the 1 Day Sale

For the last two days, I have made several stops at Macy's 1 Day sale. (I know, I did the math too, but fashion need not make sense, people.) I have returned for the final time this afternoon with a good chunk of a first effort at the Christmas shopping. Early and on sale with coupons. Coupons which always seem to shock and awe the salespeople who have worked at the store that issued said coupon for 80 years.

I also had to stock up on long pants. Temperatures dropped below 70 this week which caused a wave of sweater-wearing Floridians to run for the stores for the once a year we wear such longish, woolish clothing. Hate it. But I suppose it is necessary since the kids and I will be traveling to that great northern city of Atlanta this weekend, and if my Grandma sees them without socks she'll disown me and then I'll never hear any good cat stories again.

Hence, Macy's.

But this is more shopping than I've done in years, so I'm worn out and must tend to other non-retail things this afternoon. I'm off to for the last 2 days of voting for the national ad campaign of Mom videos. Please vote for your favorites.

And you don't even need a coupon...

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