Saturday, November 15, 2008

Hookey is fun

I've had a shower this morning and feel much better. One must wash off the unique perfume of amusement park--that captivating fragrance of sweat, wet metal, and onion rings--before moving on with real life.

Yesterday was a blast. Fun to be with Colleen and her beautiful children, if only for 10 hours in line for Dumbo. I'll take it. The particular irony of this is that as we were gathering any of the 8 children between us to buy an ice cream or souvenir, I had a deja vu. It was only 2 decades ago when we used to work side by side selling overpriced concert swag to people just like us once upon a time. Ah, how things change.

Weekend plans? Oh, the usual, 3 parties, 2 hockey games, 2 oil changes and about 4 gallons of milk. There's a pattern to my life at least...

1 comment:

Lin said...

Damn--I LOVE those darned Mickey Mouse bars!! Cannot believe you've tormented me by showing them on the blog. Well, at least the kids enjoyed them.