Monday, November 03, 2008

I Vote for Election Day!

Today, it’s all about the election for me. Preparing for tomorrow when we can end this campaign season and can shelve phrases like, "I approve of this message," "Change the Maverick," and lipstick on anything.

Because no matter who wins, the campaign has to be over, and we have to move on. We need to stop talking, and start doing. And I need to seriously get a life far away from election coverage.

So tomorrow is a historic day on that front. I am dedicating the day to the act of voting, blogging about voting, and then standing sentry at my television set as I watch the returns come in whilst eating hot dogs and apple pie. I think I will pair a nice merlot with patriotism...Hopefully, by the end of the evening--fingers and chads crossed--we will have a new president, Congress, and new local landscape.

I will be participating in the Motherhood’s Mom’s Call in the Vote. I’ll be reporting from my polling place, and I urge you to do the same! This is a big deal, as the BBC reports here. Sign up today, and call in tomorrow. Let America know what your experience is, your thoughts, what you observe. I think that it is so important that we Moms are active and vocal in elections for the sake of our own little future voters. So, please participate and I’ll post updates tomorrow!

And this post from my dear friend Zen, and his early voting experience over the weekend seriously made my heart swell.

Go Vote!

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