Friday, November 28, 2008

Quiet Friday

It's not too black of a Friday when you don't go shopping...

In fact, it was a beige Friday because I made turkey soup from the leftovers. It was a red Friday in that I got a pedicure instead of having my toes stepped on by mobs of people at Target. It was a New Times Roman Friday if referring to the few upcoming holiday details I attended with email and phone calls. I made one online purchase (same price as the 4 a.m. special) this morning, but it definitely was not black.

In fact, I did precious little this Friday. I thought about doing a lot more, even mourned the day for my future self when I wake up on Monday cursing, "It's freaking December 1st??? WTF? Why didn't I do more when I had the chance?" But I still didn't do much to prevent the bleed today.

And I'm glad.

Tomorrow, we'll start decorating, get that Christmas photo taken and pick up a couple of gifts. Heck, I might even find the two that I hid 3 weeks ago that I can't find which is defeating the entire purpose of early shopping, but today, notsomuch.

And now, I'm off to bed early from all of this nothingness. It's amazing how tired that can make a person.

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