Monday, July 28, 2008

Vacation Eve

I'm sorta ready. Packed loosely--like basil leaves.

We plan on leaving at some unholy hour tomorrow, which I have written about here. Why? I'm not sure.

Meanwhile, I need to tie up some loose blog ends, so here goes:

~Matty's cast came off today.

~I have a new contest up on to win a new Land's End Backpack. Make sure you enter.

~The floor looks amazing. We were a couple of boards short because one of the boxes was defective, but it looks smokin'. And so do the muscles of Sean and the Intern after cutting and nailing for 15 hours yesterday.

~We're missing two Thirsty Thursdays which I'm none too pleased about.

~I will never eat popcorn again.

~Make sure to read Whoa Momma! while I'm gone because I'll be posting there, too.

~I really should finish packing. Or make pesto.

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