Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The Perfect Family Reunion Souvenir

For the last year and half, Sean's family has been planning a family reunion.

I will spare you the details, because I already owe the entire world an apology for using up the entire Internet for 9 months on the family T-shirt logistics.

Said reunion is about 1 month away, and I've been racking my brain trying to come up with a little peace offering gift for each family to celebrate such an event. (I've had to keep my plans to myself however, just in case anyone had any online banking or term paper research to do with the world's bandwidth.)

I've come up with the perfect plan.

You know how I love my HP Photobooks. For the craft-challenged like me, they are a lifesaver to preserve family memories. So what if each family were to receive a photobook? And then, because they are easily added to, we each supply one another with our own personal family page? And then we can all switch photos online and add them our libraries and print them out at home in September? How great of a second cousin thrice removed would I be??

And did I mention they're on sale?

I got an email from HP saying the Photobooks are 25-50% off right now until July 5th. That means you could get a 5x7 book for $7.49 each. With free shipping.

So like I could really make this happen for not a whole lot of green.

(And so could you!)


Kristyn said...

okay...I have just spent some time on the hp photobook page...you make it sound easy but I can't figure it out. Do you have to buy the book first before you can do a scrapbook page. I am not very computer savy but would like to try one of these since I am behind about two years on my photo albulms. HELP!

Tracey said...

Didn't you win one from me once? Once you have the software loaded onto your computer, you can make pages any time for any book. (Any size) You can print now or later.

It takes the photos from those already stored on your computer so you can arrange them the way you want. You can save multiple projects at one time.

So you need one book to start with (again, any size) just to get the software on your computer which comes with it. After that, you are home free!

(Does that help? It really is easy to setup, I promise)

Kristyn said...

I did win one a few months ago and I was so excited but then when I got it ...it just looked like a regular photo album and couldn't understand what all the hype was about these hp books. I didn't even see a CD. I'll pass this on to Trisha because she won it also and we were both a little stumped by it. Now I have to find where I put that book...I feel like a dumbass. Thanks for clearing it up for me :)

Tracey said...

That is funny!

Yeah, it wouldn't be nearly as cool without the software!

You are really going to be impressed when you finally see what you can make with it rather than just an empty book cover and some blank pages. :)

Tracey said...

P.S. I have some other CD's if you can't find yours--I'll send it along to you.

Anonymous said...

Trace, Be real. This is MY family you are talking about. They WILL find a way to fight about it and then it will become your fault.

I thought you and Jack were going to hang out at the pool, drink heavily and praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow that while you might have married into this insanity, at least you are spared having to carry the DNA around.

Blessings, Holly

Tracey said...

Oh, drinking heavily by the pool is the plan. But Jack and I will also be snapping photos of the food fights and mud wrestling over the choice of appetizers that will no doubt occur to make Photobooks out of it.

Either that or he will have to dictate while I write column after column after column.

I'm planning on retiring after this trip.

Anonymous said...

Jack does not dictate. Jack is the only person on earth, I think, whom my dad has not been able to provoke to argument. You will have to decipher Jack's meaning from his pointed eye rolls and sudden busying himself with the children whenever an obstreperous adult Ceccherelli starts their sideshow antics.

Blessings, Holly