Friday, July 11, 2008

I want my teeth back

There is about to be a new arrival today here at casa de la diva. No, not that kind, and no, I haven't yielded to the requests of the guinea pig from Amy.

No, our new bundle of joy comes in the form of the return of the Intern. (Sounds like a horror movie, doesn't it?) Technically, he is no longer an Intern since he has since graduated from college and he returns to our home as a full-time employee here in Tampa. As he looks for a place of his own, he will be crashing here for a while, so big fun for all, and a lot less trips to Publix for me.

I gotta tell you friends, not feeling real great after this mouth thing. I wasn't all that thirsty and yesterday was Thursday. I can't open my mouth more than a quarter of an inch and there are these beautiful empanadas stamped with my name that I couldn't eat. You'd think that my teeth came out of my liver because I didn't even finish one pink cocktail. I just wanted the ice to apply to the outside of my mouth. This is putting a serious damper on my street cred.

We'll be home this weekend huddling together. Weird week of events and sometimes you just need to gather the people you love around you and remind yourself that life is all too short.

Hope yours is great.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, really is no joke to have your teeth yanked after 30...didn't want to add to your pre-appt. fears but Jack had a real rough time with getting his wisdom teeth out a few years back. Seems like about day 4 he began to think he might survive...hopefully you'll begin to be similarly convinced by the end of the weekend!

Blessings, Holly