Friday, July 25, 2008

She used to be fun

“You really should have met her before she got her Wisdom Teeth out.”

That’s what I’m afraid people are going to be whispering at my wake someday. So I’m not going to talk about it (because I can’t move my mouth) anymore. You’ll just have to read every post with the mental caveat that I am typing with one hand whilst holding my jaw with the other.

Because I really have been busy with other things. Like the dumpster.

Yep, we gots one parked in the driveway. Why? Because last weekend Sean did a Clean Sweep/Dirty Jobs thing out in the garage, and threw away a cubic ton of old crap. Like broken lawn chairs, hurricane supplies from 2004, about 45 broken hockey sticks and 11,000 golf balls. So then the city came and took it the next day and brought it back empty so I could go through all of the closets, toy boxes, junk drawers and other clutter collections I have distributed around the house and purge us of all evil. 2 dumpsters of junk may not be too green, but then Al Gore can get over here and find me a couple of working AA batteries and a freaking ballpoint pen. We needed a good cleaning. So we can buy more.

No, I am determined not to come home from our 3000 mile road trip with anything other than healed dry sockets, a knock-off Prada bag from a genuine NYC street vendor, and a renewed appreciation for flying.

And just because we don’t have enough going on, I picked up new flooring for the family room that Sean and the Intern are installing this weekend.

I’ll post pictures.


Jo-Lynne (Musings of a Housewife) said...

Ugh! You're STILL suffering with those sockets? I remember well. You should be getting better soon. Enjoy your trip!!

Tracey said...

Thanks--I think we will.