Wednesday, July 02, 2008

July Resolutions

Ah, July.

So I’m trying to get into this summer rhythm. I haven’t quite made it there yet. Basically, my functioning clock is operating somewhere around January.

It’s been nutty in the nuthouse lately. Next to the big things I can’t blog about, (you are thinking, what could that possibly be? That girl never shuts up!) I’ve been trying to get everything organized. Both physically and mentally. The house--that never-ending pursuit of futility, but also life stuff.

I’m not complaining, really. I think organizing life stuff is good and healthy. It means that changes are happening and you are either preparing for them, dealing with them or cleaning up after them. I think I am solidly in the one and two category which is good.

I’m loving my new job. LOVING IT. But again, that is taking some getting used to. In a good way. Challenges are good, and after years of thinking one way, it’s fun to create by way of a new angle. That’s kind of what I’m about.

So maybe July isn’t a traditional “start fresh” month, but it is around here. We’re looking at July by way of a new angle, because that’s what we’re about.

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