Sunday, March 28, 2010

WIth a name like Diva Jam, it has to be good

I'm jamming out some jam.

Last week Jessie and I finally discovered our town's weekly farmer's market, and amongst the juicy goodies we picked up was a beautiful flat of strawberries.

Unlike the season's earlier offerings, these were beautifully ripe and cheap. I knew I wanted to do something productive with them, so I decided to make jam.

I've only done this one other time--back in St. Louis about 15 years ago. I had forgotten pretty much everything, so I educated myself on the Google and began the process.

The first mistake I made was doubling the recipe I found online. Apparently, this causes all of the sugar/water/fruit ratios to get all out of whack and instead of ending up with jam, I had strawberry syrup. But I was determined to complete this project, so I started over with the right amounts and a little help from some liquid pectin and began anew.

Much better and the first batch of Diva Jam Strawberry was born.

I'm thinking this might be the first product in my line someday.

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JODI said...

My bread is in the toaster...pass the strawberry jam pleae. Yum-me!