Tuesday, March 16, 2010

One week

Well, I can say with expert certainty that that was the longest week of my life.

A week ago Stevie woke up in the PICU after heart surgery, this morning he returned to school.

Obviously, that means he's okay, but I'm still not ready to write out all of the details until I knock on the Karmic wood tomorrow after his post-op visit. The operation was filled with "surprises," and that's a term I can live without our pediatric cardiologist ever saying again in the middle of a 4+ hour surgery.

But Stevie is tough; a strong young man who needs a healthy heart to hold his beautiful soul and so I know things will eventually heal and we can celebrate the miracle of finding the ticking time bomb in his chest.

But for now, I'm just quietly counting my blessings.

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Intern said...

Almost Party Time!