Friday, March 05, 2010

So, here it is

Okay, so I suppose the jig is up.

If you know me at all--or even not really--you’ve probably noticed I’ve been phoning it in a bit to this blog lately. That’s pretty accurate.

Oh, I’ve been busy writing, mind you--I’ve got Whoa Momma keeping me busy as well as various freelance projects that I haven’t failed on yet, but truthfully, at the end of a long day I haven’t been much for writing the personal stuff.

We’ve been consumed lately with our son’s upcoming surgery. While this isn’t a secret by any means, it also isn’t something I am going to write about here yet--if ever--but if you want an update, please send me an email and I’ll make sure to include you. We are certainly blessed with many friends who are sending their prayers and healing thoughts our way and we are eternally grateful for that--I just don’t have the energy for a public forum on this subject.

Once we get on the other side of this I’ll share more, but right now I’m too busy worrying.


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