Monday, April 05, 2010

Catching up before I get back out

Spring break officially began last Thursday, but I'm counting today as my official start date since homemade Pop-tarts and seventeen other dishes for three complete meals for 21 guests on Easter day in the midst of the great carpet project meant a lot of cooking, shopping, and cleaning. And cooking.

And so this week is a bit of a different pace than the last few. The weather finally turned beautiful, and it's time to get out there.


I am proudly serving on on the National Wildlife Federation's advisory panel to help spread the word about the NWF's "Be Out There" campaign--encouraging kids and families to get outside. One of their sobering estimates suggests that most kids spend just 4-7 minutes outdoors per day. This is in contrast to 6 hours or more in front of some electronic device.

So I will be taking the challenge with my kids this week to see if we can bump up that 7 minute number to something much more respectable. I will be chronicling my efforts via webcam which should prove horrifying and interesting as well. In addition to exploring our own backyard, I'm finally going to visit all of the cool local spots that I've been promising them for years.

I don't know which of us will have the most fun this week.

Disclosure: I am not being paid to serve on this panel--just something I believe in and look forward to helping with this important effort.

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