Friday, April 17, 2009

A funny thing happened on the way to the volleyball courts

Well, hello. Looking for a post-holiday wrap-up, are you? Well, okie dokie.
Settle back, this one might take a while.

When last we left my pre-vacation self, I was standing in line at Fresh Market waiting for my butterflied leg of lamb with the rest of central Florida. That Easter Eve, I managed to get the house cleaned, food prepared, (including homemade bread, mind you) get to the wine store and fill some baskets in time for our Easter feast. But these four looked so tasty that I could have gobbled them up.

After church on Sunday, we shared our meal with some great friends and most of the wine I purchased the day before. We played Kingers, and Danny somehow ended up winning even though I do not remember him coloring any of the eggs...I think this one might end up with an asterisk in the record books.

After vacuuming up the eggshells on Monday morning, we high-tailed it over to Orlando to spend some quality time with one of my all-time favorite hotels, the J.W. Marriott. Oh, how I love this hotel.

We spent Monday afternoon becoming reacquainted with its lazy river and poolside lounge chairs. Which ended up to be a good thing, because Tropical Storm Fun-Killer rolled in on Tuesday and we were quarantined to our high thread-count beds watching movies in between wandering the hotel. At one point, I was staring at the typhoon coming down and noticed it had even started to hail.

Not missing a beat, Amy exclaimed, "That means we're in hail??"

Yes, actually. Orlando in the rain can be described as exactly that.

Wednesday was much better. The sun appeared early and so did we. Camped out on the lazy river, we spent the day swimming, laughing, and playing.

We waded. We floated.

We racked up a mean tab from the waiter because who wants to leave this?

Amy declared that we should "stay here forever" as she gobbled up the chocolate on her pillow, and I really, really, really agreed.

And perhaps we would have if Sean hadn't got all jiggy on the volleyball court and broke two toes and three bones in his foot.

But it was an amazing shot, and that girl who he kicked going down was 10, not 8, thank you very much.


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Karen said...

A cast in April may affect the Father's Day tennis tourney... Sean may have to wear sneakers instead of flip flops and break his own rule!

seantherulefollower said...

never will do rules are rules!