Wednesday, April 01, 2009

No April Fool's

So I suppose I should post some miscellaneous miscellaney while I am waiting for the perfect ending to my current article to appear magically on the document whilst we chat. It seems as though I've left some few loose ends over the last few weeks that I should tie up or something. So in no particular order except the randomness of my thoughts:

~Sleepover/Campout went well. Half of them made it in the tent until about 2 a.m. when it started raining, then everyone stayed awake until 5 giggling. Except Sean who was pretty tired after sleeping on the lanaii waiting for the rain. I made cupcakes which officially qualifies me for anti-psychotic drugs and 42 cats.

~A couple of weeks ago I signed up for one of those fancy wind inspections that Florida insurance companies are offering. I waited until the last minute because frankly, I thought this was just another scam to bilk me for the $150 inspection, and then sign up for $25,000 worth of wind shutters in order to save .47 cents on our homeowners insurance. Um, hello, was I wrong. Our annual premium dropped by over $2000 dollars. Hello, bonus. That's some serious fat stacks we just saved.

~Matty and Sean are off to Houston this weekend for a little Wrestlemania action. You have never seen such a happy child. It is so sweet to see how excited a ladder match can make an 8 year old.

~We've all got a lot of things in the hopper right now. New projects, new opportunities and general newness. And it's really exciting. I don't know what will be there after the sorting process, but I think it will be an adventure. And that can't be bad.

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