Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Picnic with a Purpose

I refuse to define the summer of 2009 as what I give up, but rather what I give back.

That’s why I am honored to partner with Hebrew National to host a "Picnic with a Purpose," this Sunday.

Actually, it’s a picnic with dual purposes. One is to kick of the summer with good friends as we focus on quality time together--getting the kids together to play some games, make crafts, and of course feast on the quintessential quality summer classic--Hebrew National hot dogs.

But we’re also going to give back some summer love. You’ll remember from my annual pleas for Christmas toy donations, that Attention Home, a group home here in Pinellas County for disabled boys and young men, is a special place very near and dear to our family. We began working with Attention Home almost ten years ago when we first moved here after we heard about the wonderful work they do to care for some of the worst child abuse victims in the state.

Every Christmas since, we’ve helped to organize a toy drive for the boys, but their needs are truly year round. So as our guests gather this Sunday for some summer fun, each will be bringing a new summer toy to donate to the home. I’ve also invited Attention Home residents K. and B. to join us, and we will also be able to present them with a new park bench that they can use at their new lake property. They have been working every weekend for a couple of years to get the place ready for the big move.

I’ll be talking about the picnic plans all week, but the very best part of this whole project will be that all of the activities, recipes, and ideas (including hot dog cupcakes!) will be available to download from TheMotherhood.com so you can host your own Picnic with a Purpose this summer. Choose a charity that means something to you and your family, and then share the joy with your friends.

Together, we can make this summer one about giving back instead of giving up.


Carl said...

Hot dog cupcakes? Bleh!

Otherwise, I adore this idea. There's already quite the stream on Twitter about this.

Tracey said...

They're not actually made of hot dogs, silly. I have perfected the confectionary prototype, and when I post pictures, you will bow to me.