Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tracey Eve

It's Tracey Eve.

That's what we call the day before our birthdays. Actually, only Matty does because his joy for all things birthday-related is not limited to his own. He is sweet that way.

I've worked my tail off the last few days, and so this afternoon I'm going out to lunch with the girls. Tonight is dinner out at Vincenzo's because I love it and I'm gearing up for the pizza party in a week. (Have you sent in your toppings entry??) But other than that, my birthday wishes are simple and few.

1.) I really wish Amy would play soccer at her game tomorrow. Sitting on my lap in her cleats from the sidelines is no fun for either of us.

2.) Intern solves foot issue.

3.) Husband solves unrelated foot issue.

4.) The prolific and talented writing fairy completes my next assignment by deadline brilliantly.

5.) Ditto on arrival of grocery store fairy.

6.) A long, solid night's sleep.

7.) A good hair day.

8.) Lots of laughter, but not the awkward kind.

9.) Book report fairy, please join your pixie brethren.

10.) Sangrias have no calories.

1 comment:

JODI said...

at 250am (on another of my sleepless nights) it is no officially Tracey's birthday.

Happy Birthday Sub Diva!