Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Why I should stick to writing fiction today

Happy Birthday Intern!

Last night's festivities proved once again that I have the most generous friends who embrace my family like it was their own, and for that I am truly blessed.

(And so is the Intern for being lavished with expensive gifts!)

But today it's back to business. I've been in this writing funk the last several days with a million thoughts running through my head with no where to go except the keyboard. Yesterday, I spent the chunk of my writing time trying to capture these conflicting thoughts--mostly on politics--into some sort of coherent commentary.

I failed miserably.

I read over what I had thought to be the brilliant Jerry Maguire manifesto which would change American politics as we know it. I crafted my arguments while doing the dishes. I came up with witty yet poignant metaphors while vacuuming. I wrote and wrote this brilliance most of the day, and then when I reread it at midnight, I discovered it was crap. It made no sense even to me who penned it.

But I got it out of my system and spared the world yet another glimpse into my mind rants, so I guess it wasn't all bad after all. You can thank me later.

But today I had better get my literate freak back on because it's meeting night and deadline week. Tonight's kind of a biggie, too, and if you thought the national political scene just got interesting, you should see my local one.

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