Saturday, September 06, 2008

Stupid is as stupid does at the Mall

The Intern and I are arguing on whether or not it was a stupid question that the clerk asked me if I needed any instructions on how to burn the $40 candle I bought. I think if you pay such a stupid amount for a candle, then lighting it should be all that's required. The Intern is talking about wick heights and thinks I'm stupid for buying a $40 candle and then just letting the wick stand the size of a California Redwood in autumn leaves scented wax.

(The Intern and I spend a lot of time together and I have noticed that we argue like a couple of little old ladies much of the time.)

But I think we all can agree that the morons working at the cookie store at the Mall are stupid.

Seriously, you just try to do something nice for a friend and all of a sudden you're going to on your iPhone in the food court. Idiots.


Adventures In Babywearing said...

Oh my goodness! But I do think the cookie still looks tasty.


JODI said...

I've fallen and I can't get up. Then again, Ryan "Fell" better.

I think you should demand 50% off and a free cookie cake on your trip to the mall.

This is a classic! Hear me roar.

Tracey said...

I know, I didn't have them fix it because it was worth the blog. :) (And e's and l's taste the same...)