Sunday, September 28, 2008

Looking forward to Monday

I gotta admit to feeling like I'm a pint short of plasma or something this Sunday evening.

Which is odd because on paper, this was a great weekend. Extra long, because the kids had Friday off. Two dinners with good friends, watching Stevie play hockey this morning, 2 workouts and even finally getting around to a couple of annoying projects like painting the baseboards in the family room and bathroom doors and cleaning out the girls' dresser. I even closed a sweet gig for SD that I will have to reveal at a later date. Yet I still can't shake this weird lethargy. And I'm not quite sure what is to blame for it.

So let's curl up with this weird little novel--historic fiction about Errol Flynn shagging some Jamaican girl--and call it a night, shall we?

I'm spent.

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