Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wedding or Cookie Aisle?

My sister in-law, Kathy, says that everyone at a wedding has a job. You may not be in the actual wedding party or have helped with the plans before, during, or after the big day, but even as a guest, your job is to enjoy the party that your hosts have spent months planning.

I agree with this wholeheartedly. But as the Mother of the Bridesmaids and Junior Groomsmen, I think that sometimes the jobs are not very equitable.

Our family is truly honored to be part of an upcoming blessed event for a dear family friend. But as the mother/valet/hairdresser/last-minute seamstress for 2 Flower girls (under the age of 5) and 2 handsome, but young, ushers (8 and 12) I am pretty nervous that I’ll get them all to the church on time.

And not just on time, but presentable and not sticky. I don’t know if we’ve ever managed an hour in which some sort of hazardous chemical or confectionary spill has not befallen at least one of us. Even if we institute a 15 minute fast in the car ride to our destination, they somehow manage to pull a chocolate ice cream cone from their pocket or a wide-mouthed glass of Hawaiian Punch from the trunk. It’s uncanny, really. The kids have to wear lobster bibs on the five minute drive to church. The baby’s car seat has a magnetic field that attracts Tootsie Rolls and Pop Tart crumbs, and the backseat draws its own orbit of jelly donuts.

So some jobs at a wedding are a little dirtier than others.

I have no idea how I am going to get four kids to walk down the aisle looking as though they haven’t visited the cookie aisle first.

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Anonymous said...

Remeber a few years ago when the Homeland Security people told us to get rolls of plastic and duct tape? This is what it is for! After all, what could be a greater threat than four sparkling clean children going to a wedding in a mommy car loaded with potential weapons of mass destruction (crayons, melted M&M's, chewing gum, etc.) So wrap 'em up; just be sure to mind the pleats and creases.